(All deliveries are made after purchase)

CRAFT’D is based in Redlands, CA and delivers primarily to the city. Below are the zip codes that we service:

  • 92374
  • 92373 (Between San Timoteo Canyon and the 10 Fwy)
  • 92354 Loma Linda
  • 92346 Highland
  • 92359 Mentone (West of Bryant St)

Our Delivery Radius is always expanding, so if we aren’t getting you right now, check back soon.

Large Parties/Events: There’s always an exception to the rule 😉

We will extend our delivery service to any area in Southern California for large parties and special events.


Use the Contact Us page to inquire. We will be prompt and do our best to provide great service with the best deals possible. Feel free to browse through our catalog of drinks. If we don’t have something in particular, we can try and get it.

How it will work- In order to make a purchase from our website, a customer must first create an account. Only those whose address is located within one of the zip codes above, will be allowed to make an order. For those who can’t make an account and are outside our radius, we will provide an alternative solution discussed after a customer’s inquiry.


We do not accept returns. Additionally, any delivery that could not be completed due to situational observations made by a CRAFT’D employee will have a restocking fee of 50% of the order.

Yes you can order Kegs! and Yes! We will Deliver them to you.

The Process

Browse through our shop and note down any beer options you might like. We also have a ready made keg list you can request via the Contact Us page. *Remember prices include tax!!

Visit the Contact Us page and send us an email of the keg/s your interested in. Domestic and Imports can at times be done as quickly as same day. However, we recommend giving us as much time in advance as possible, to ensure the items are in stock (especially for craft options). We will provide you a form that can be filled out and sent back via email or dropped off in store. Once the form is filled out, we will process the payment and you’re all done.

Things to know:

  • We do NOT charge Keg deposits (unless kept for a Kegerator or over a 1 week period).
  • Ice is included for each Keg at no additional cost.
  • Keg taps can be loaned out at no additional cost.
  • Keg buckets can be loaned at no additional cost.
  • We will deliver at no additional cost. Pick-up is an option as well.
  • Large parties/events with additional purchases qualify for discounts!!! Contact us before you puchase additional drinks to recieve your discount.

It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible, with the best prices and best service!!!

Keg Sizes

To help understand how much beer is in a keg, we have listed the most common keg sizes and how much beer they contain. Not all beer comes in every size, so we can inform you of the available sizes depending on which beer you are looking for.

1/2 Barrel Keg=15.5 Gallons= Approx. 165 (12oz beers)

1/4 Barrel Keg=7.75 Gallons= Approx. 83 (12oz beers)

1/6 Barrel Keg=5.2 Gallons= Approx. 55 (12oz beers)