CRAFT’D beer store not only provides beer, wine, and spirits, but delivers them on-demand.

CRAFT'D. A California Corporation.

CRAFT’D Beer Store: Our Entire Selection Brought to You

Opening in the Summer of 2017, CRAFT’D will begin its innovated service within the beverage industry. Purchase our drinks in our storefront location in Redlands, CA or order online through our mobile friendly website and have it delivered on-demand. Our primary service area is Redlands, CA and immediately around its borders. Deliveries, however, can be made to any location that is reasonable for a customer or CRAFT’D.

Two guys by the names of William Merrill and Andrew Valencia came together and brought their vision to life. CRAFT’D strives to bring a necessary convenience within the beverage industry. Let’s create a culture of enjoyment and share the positive experiences that CRAFT’D can help create!

Meet the Owners


Andrew Valencia

Andrew is the President and Co-Owner/Founder of CRAFT’D.


Will Merrill
Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Will is the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and CO-Owner/Founder of CRAFT’D.